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Locomotive #4016 was the last of auto-train's fourth batch of road locomotives -- a U36B built by GE in December 1974 (builder's number 40067) to specifications of the SCL.

Ordered, but not delivered to auto-train due to financial difficulties. The locomotive was repainted to become Conrail 2974.


Its Blomberg trucks were replaced with AAR Type B trucks before delivery to Conrail.

The locomotive is seen here with a dusting of snow in a very rare shot outside GE's Erie, PA plant on January 17, 1976.

Images: Carl H. Sturner -- founder of Audio-Visual Designs, courtesy of Joe Suo


Seen here at Kearny, NJ in January 1982.

The locomotive was retired in 1991 and eventually scrapped.

Image: James L. Sorenson via Stan Jackowski


Seen here at Port Reading, NJ in March 1988. Note the plated-over side windows compared to its auto-train picture.

Image: James L. Sorenson via Stan Jackowski

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