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Locomotive #4005 was the first of auto-train's second batch of road locomotives -- a U36B built by GE in December 1972 (builder's number 38744) to specifications of the SCL.

This second batch also came with Blomberg trucks.

Image: Stan Jackowski

Auto-Train Corporation GE U36B 4005


Locomotive 4005, photographed March 9, 1977.

Image: Don Jaworski


Like the other auto-train locomotives, 4005 was eventually scrapped.
After its time on the auto-train, the locomotive went into storage at Oelwein, Iowa where it sat awating a buyer that never came. The locomotive was cut up on-site in 1984-85.

Image: Harv Kahn, Dec 30, 1975, Lorton, VA

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Auto-Train Corporation GE U36B 4005

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