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Full Dome
Coach Dorm

Built by Budd in 1954 as ATSF 550. To AT 512. Wrecked in Florence, SC February 24, 1978. Stored until auto-train auction 12/08/1981. Buyer defaulted. Sold to Passenger Car Associates and stripped, but never moved (trucks went to PV CYRUS K. HOLLIDAY). Burned by vandals in 1982. Scrapped on site (Sanford) in 1983.

AT left the lower level configuration alone, but reconfigured the upper level for 51 reclining coach seats and no lounge.

According to Todd Brown, this picture shows the car missing a couple of curved white access panels that would have smoothed out the car's lines near the wheels. These access panels tended to fly open if not rigorously secured -- and then fly off. After a while, they were simply left off to reduce headaches.

Image: Stan Jackowski

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Auto-Train Corporation Full Dome

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