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Steam Generator
134 / 1134

The Great Northern built this heater car from a 40' express- boxcar in 1947 (#2525). It became GN Heater Car 9.

Image: Stan Jackowski

Great Northern GN Heater Car 9


According to Todd Brown, apparently 1134 was the only auto-train car that did not have a 'dash' or hyphen in its lettering between the words "auto" and "train". One side has a window in the place it would have gone, and the other side simply did not have it.

Image: Stan Jackowski

Auto-Train Corporation Steam Generator  

The auto-train locomotives were not capable of providing power and steam heat to the passenger cars of the train, so steam generator cars were needed.

Image: Garland Harper

Auto-Train Corporation Steam Generator  

In the late '70s this car was renumbered 1134 to allow the number 134 to be used by a new auto carrier car that auto-train had purchased.

Steam Generator 1134, photographed March 9, 1977.

Image: Don Jaworski

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