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Auto Carrier

The prototype for the 3rd 'generation' of auto carriers owned by auto-train Corp.

This single tri-level auto rack was built in 1974. It was the only one of auto-train's tri-levels that had grids of small holes in its sides.

Auto-Train Corporation Auto Carrier  

Many more tri-levels were built for auto-train in 1976, but with smooth sides.


To unload the carrier, each end door would fold twice and swing out of the way. The yellow "bridges" would swing down to create a temporary connection between two adjoining carriers. Autos would then be driven out, passing through as many carriers as necessary to reach the loading ramp on the auto dock. More on that here...

Auto-Train Corporation Auto Carrier  



The interior of the tri-levels. Each car could hold 12 autos.

Shown here on display in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


Images: Mary Jayne and John Z. Rowe, November 1974

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Auto-Train Corporation Auto Carrier  
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