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Auto Carrier

A bi-level auto rack car. Ex CN 730027. Eventually modified to include a crew compartment with a cupola -- effectively creating a caboose -- for the new Sanford-Louisville run.

Image: Stan Jackowski

Auto-Train Corporation Auto Carrier Caboose


Auto-Carrier/Caboose #3, photographed March 1, 1973.

Image: Don Jaworski


A few of these hybrids were produced and #3 eventually ended up at the Fillmore & Western Railway north of Los Angeles, lettered/numbered as MLDX 2957.

In 1993 it turned up in the background of a shot from the music video for the Aerosmith song "Cryin'" featuring Alicia Silverstone -- a good catch by Nick at the auto-train Yahoo Group.


Former Auto-Train Auto-Carrier/Caboose #3, photographed in 2011 at the Fillmore & Western Railway. The Fillmore & Western is a very active "movie railroad" and the "Imperial and Coachella" lettering is probably for a production of some kind. If anyone knows the story, please email.

Image: Dick Petrini


Looking in the end door.

Image: Dick Petrini


Purple paint and the number 3 give notice of its Auto-Train heritage.

Image: Dick Petrini


At some point the car was letter "Lionel", as in the maker of electric toy trains. If anyone knows the story behind that and how the car passed from Auto-Train to the Fillmore & Western, please email.

Image: Dick Petrini


Now lettered MLDX 2957. If anyone can translate that designation, please email.

Image: Dick Petrini


The cupola added to the bi-level auto-rack by Auto-Train.

Image: Dick Petrini


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