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Business Car

Built by Budd in 1950 as Southern Pacific 9012 (10-6 sleeper) -- a stainless steel car. To Pickens Railroad EDNA II. Pickens converted it into a business car before selling it to comedian Jackie Gleason. According to the car's current owner Terry Bebout, the car didn't have a very robust electrical system, and this may be why it lasted such a short time with auto-train Corp.

Like AT Business Car #1, this car had a name over the end door (barely visible). If you know what that name was, please email.

Auto-Train Corp Business Car  #1


Today, refurbished and with a whole new electrical system, it is used on excursions with the Tennessee Central Railway Museum as TCRX 103. The car is seen here on an outing in Watertown, TN July 4, 2003.

Images: Terry Bebout collection

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auto-train Corp Business Car  #1  
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