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Business Car

Every self-respecting railroad has a business car, and for the auto-train Corporation that was car #1.

Built by Pullman in 1914 as ATSF heavyweight parlor-observation 3217, the car was sold to SAL in 1948 to become their BIRMINGHAM. The name was changed to SOUTHLAND in 1953. Notice the brass/gold steps to the observation platform!

Image: Stan Jackowski

Auto-Train Corp Business Car  #1


The car had the name "Ronni" printed in red above the end door. Ronni Faske-Garfield was founder Gene Garfield's wife.

Image: Ron Loving of Main Line Motion Pictures


Business car #1, photographed March 10, 1977.

According to Todd Brown, as of 1979 the car could be rented for $1500 round trip, including transportation of six people and two automobiles.

Image: Don Jaworski



An interesting shot of the car end, for you modelers. Roof antennas show up well.

Image: Mary Jayne and John Z. Rowe

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auto-train Corp Business Car  #1  
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