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So what is all this? And what's a Theme Train?

This site came out of life-long fascination with trains, especially ones with style and purpose. A fabulous paint job never hurt, either.

There have been dozens of special-purpose trains that have traveled around North America, Europe and Australia. They are a special breed -- usually tied to an event, a celebration, anniversary, exposition, cause, or plain ol' patriotism. Most were never meant to turn a profit. Others were business ventures using their theme to attract customers. But all have one thing in common: they were meant to draw a crowd.

Several themed trains are showcased here. Many others are listed on the links page. Some are so obscure that there are no links for them.

These trains have entertained, educated and enlightened millions. Perhaps you remember one or two. Most of them would be hard to forget. And it's time their stories were told.

So take some time and browse around. You might find something you like!

Todd Schannuth
Accuen Media

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