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Todd Schannuth - Director, Writer, Producer
Linda Hinojosa - Associate Producer
Ariel Linda Gonzalez - Production Assistant

Narrated by Linda Hinojosa

David E. Pearson
John Petros
Ronald D. Goldfeder
Nelson H. Rath
Gerald, J. Bosanek
David W. Seidel (Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS)
Walter R. Grande
Keith Jackman
L. Andrew Jugle
Seeth L. (Corky) Thomson
Alan J. Holleuffer
Dr. Allen Jelks
Robert T. Clark
Mitchell Dakelman
Don Ball
Louis E. Nelson II
Mary Jayne and John Z. Rowe
Barry Howard
Armin W. Schannuth
Larry Wines
Doug Nance
William G. H. Barr (RRE, NRHS)
Henry Maltby (RRE, NRHS)

Music by: Davenport Productions

The American Freedom Train
The Year in Pictures 1975
American Freedom Train Documentary DVD 1975 by Accuen

The producers wish to thank Ross E. Rowland, Jr. and Iron Horse Enterprises.

Made possible by the generous support of Mr. Barry Howard and Mary Jayne & John Z. Rowe.



From the Director:

The first of two volumes, The American Freedom Train: The Year in Pictures 1975 is the culmination of three years' effort to reconstruct the journey of an incredible event I have wanted to know more about for over twenty years.

It started when my father took my sister and I to see the American Freedom Train on a warm day in March of 1976. It made a big impression on a nine years old. His love of trains and history rubbed off and this documentary is the result.

Finding material about the American Freedom Train is not easy. The artifacts have been returned to their owners, the cars have been scrapped, the engines live on in museums or in excursion service, and the staff and crew, mostly college-age at the time, have been spread to the far corners of the continent. And no one has ever looked back to document the train's short but remarkable life.

Richard Nixon gave it the green light; Gerald Ford inaugurated it; Johnny Cash, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Mike Love, and Mickey Mouse promoted it; Buzz Aldrin, Hank Aaron, Miss America and Coretta Scott King toured it; Mamie Eisenhower, Walter Mondale and Hubert Humphrey rode it; and millions of us made it the biggest event of the Bicentennial. Yet its story, for the most part, goes untold.

This documentary owes its existence to the efforts of nearly two dozen photographers who chased the train at various points in its journey. Adding to their efforts are those of several former AFT staff members who shared their personal photos and stories. My hat's off to all of them for their foresight in recording the events and images that they did.

And to Dad, of course -- who managed to hold the camera still in a few of the photos.

Producer comments:

This DVDs are digitally mastered. Nearly 500 photographs were used in the making of this tape. Photos are in color with the exception of a handful or photos of the building of the AFT display cars in Richmond, CA. A short segment, shot in the Tehachapi area of Southern CA, is live-action with sound.

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