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The American Freedom Train Video Documentary DVDs


William G. H. Barr, in a letter to the producers dated June 28, 1999 "I have seen and own many video tapes, but this is the most extensive, complete, informative, and engrossing set of tapes on a single subject I have ever seen. What a tremendous effort it must have been to collect, research, compile arrange, edit, and prepare a narration for a subject nearly 25 years old. The narration is outstanding and truly professional, it could not have been done better."

Kelli Langford from Reston, Virginia:

Surprisingly Terrific! Okay ... I was literally forced to watch this kicking and screaming by a train-guru friend of mine. Watch paint dry or grass grow, tweeze eyebrows, or visit the dentist ... all of these seemed more pleasing options than watching some "train movie." But in my attempts to get in this friend's best graces, I agreed to act interested. Thing is ... I didn't have to act. It wasn't a documentary about cogs and coal ... it was truly a human interest story that drew me in. The story unveiled itself over the course of the 2 year span in such a way that I truly felt a part of the journey. Having viewed both videos, I wish that I would have actually seen the Freedom Train when it came through my town in 1976. Nevertheless, this film's retracing of the Freedom Train's conception, vision, planning, mishaps, course, precious and interesting cargo, and familial bonds developed makes me feel even more a part of the whole adventure than if I had been "dragged" to see it in '76 when I was a whiny little girl. I have a higher appreciation, not only for the idea and vision itself, but for the incredible efforts contributed by those with this dream. I encourage any of you with the opportunity to share in this experience to do so. You may not only be surprised by the appeal of this film, but also by your own expanding array of interests.

Joey & Nicholas Cruz from San Gabriel Valley, CA:

Great source of information and well presented! Everything you wanted to know about The America Freedom Train is right here at your fingertips. We needed some information for a research project my son was doing at school and this ended up being the perfect tool. Watching the video was much more conducive to learning about the Freedom Train than reading it out of a textbook! Full of information and nicely narrated -- it provided us a terrific collection of photographs and historical data. A great source of facts and details. from Southern California:

Outstanding, a must own for anyone who loves trains. As a long time fan of the rail and trains, I found these tapes informative and well done. I have seen a lot of tapes on trains and this on is clearly a must for anyone who loves trains. The producers have done a wonderful job of catching the feeling of what it must have been like to be a part of the whole Freedom Train experience... from Bridgeport, PA:

EXCELLENT. I think I'm the Number-One Fan of the Freedom Train on the East Coast. I have over 200 pieces of Freedom Train memoribilia. I purchased both tapes, 1975 and 1976, and these tapes are at the TOP of my list. Thank You so much for Producing them.

Seeth Thomson, in a letter to the producers dated June 25, 1999 "You have done a very thorough job on the story behind getting the train up and on the road... There are so many things in these two tapes that are a part of American history and to my knowledge, no one else covered the story like this..."

John E. Manning - former Head of Security for the American Freedom Train, in a letter to the producers dated July 5, 1999 "I enjoyed the tapes very much. They brought back many memories..."

Robert Skillman III - former member of the security team for the American Freedom Train, in a letter to the producers dated March 24, 1999 "F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!"

Ross E. Rowland Jr. - Engineer and originator of the American Freedom Train, in a letter dated July 14, 1999 "I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them. Congratulations on capturing the essence of the whole thing..."


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