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The Streamlined Train Game

By the autumn of 1936 the Rexall Train had become so popular it inspired its own board game.

Available at Rexall stores nationwide, the game retailed for $1.00.


Streamlined Train Game  
  The box and board measured 20"x15". The box was very thin at less than an inch. It came with a spinner and four metal game pieces shaped like the Rexall Train locomotive (with a 4-6-6 wheel arrangement rather than 4-8-2). Streamlined Train Game  
The rules of play.
Streamlined Train Game  
  Cardboard spinner and painted metal game pieces shaped like the locomotive. Streamlined Train Game  

The inside of the box lid carried this inscription.

Technically, the train may have missed Nevada. And 250 sounds a little high for the number of display cities. AND 2.5 million visitors is likely inflated by a couple hundred thousand. But -- round numbers and hyperbole sell merchandise.



Streamlined Train Game  
  A newspaper coupon bundled the game with a tube of of Briten Tooth Paste for just 45 cents. The ad ran nationally the week of September 30. Streamlined Train Game  

Enjoyable. Instructive. Educational.


Yet fascinating.

The game knew no bounds.



Images: Author's collection.

Streamlined Train Game  

The Rexall game is not to be confused with the competing Streamline Train Game from Milton-Bradley, also from 1936.


Image courtesy of 'eskostuff eBay Store'.

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Streamline Express Game  
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