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The 6th Car:
Exhibit Car #4

Originally 36-seat Pullman parlor car HALIFAX (built to Pullman plan 2916B and assigned to the New Haven), the Cara Nome got its name from Rexall's line of cosmetics.

After the Rexall tour the car was sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1942, becoming their car #1203.

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The Toilet Goods Section. At center is the Cara Nome demonstration booth where "a Demonstrator spends a great part of the day showing women how to keep lovely."

Images and quotes: Rexall Train Souvenir Folder

1936 Rexall Train Cara Nome  

The Briten tooth paste section. "Cleans Hidden Angles Where Decay Danger Lurks".


1936 Rexall Train  

One exhibit of stationery, another about the development of the US Mail system.


1936 Rexall Train  
  School supplies and greeting cards. 1936 Rexall Train  
  Calorex made insulated bottles, much like Thermos. 1936 Rexall Train  
  "Grape Juice flowing from a bunch of grapes directly into a Ballardvale Bottle is the center of attention in the Pure Food and Candy Section." 1936 Rexall Train  
  "The Candy exhibit. The Gales Packages are mounted on a wheel which revolves slowly behind the exhibit of Joan Manning Chocolates. Illustrated on the map are the many points in the world from which materials for the chocolates are gathered." 1936 Rexall Train  
  "The $50,000 Chocolate Boy invites people to peer into the can and see the seven steps in the making of $50,000 Chocolate." 1936 Rexall Train  
  The making of Maraschino cherries. 1936 Rexall Train  

The making of Monreale Olive Oil.

Images and quotes: Rexall Train Souvenir Folder

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1936 Rexall Train  
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