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The 2nd Car:
Sleeping Car

This car was originally Southern Pacific 16-section Pullman sleeping car HALDEMAN.

The car retained its sleeping sections for the Rexall Train -- providing staff and crew with living quarters. It got its new name from Rexall's line of bandages and other first aid items.

The personnel (nearly 50) were split about evenly between Rexall and Pullman employees. About half of them called this car home, the other half in the Joan Manning (the 11th car).

1936 Rexall Train Firstaid  

When the train pulled into town, a large "Rexall Drugs" sign would immediately be hoisted on the side of the train like a pirate flag -- or so it must have felt to area non-Rexall druggists. Within minutes a line would form nearby and visitors would begin to file into the exhibit cars attached to the Firstaid.

Firstaid is the car behind the pole in the center of the image. The Rexall sign is attached to the train, not the pole in the foreground. Car Firstaid is followed by the 4 Exhibit Cars. The first one seems to have a much smaller sign attached to its side that may read "ENTRANCE" (the sign, barely visible, is a few pixels north and west of the very center of the image). The next two cars seem to have signs on them too -- made very dark in this pic to stand out. They likely show the way to the entrance.

1936 Rexall Train  

The setup process for the Rexall Train to receive visitors could be as little as 15 minutes -- a good thing since some stops were as little as 2 hours long. Yet in that short time the train could accommodate over 5000 visitors. And often did.

Seen in this photo at San Francisco, courtesy of John Signor, via David Perata

1936 Rexall Train  

Another view of the Rexall Drugs sign attached to the Firstaid (the car itself can't be seen in this image. That's the power car Kantleek to the right of the sign).

After the Rexall tour the Firstaid was put back in Pullman service as HALDEMAN, later as Tourist Sleeper 4278. Later the car became Southern Pacific's maintenance-of-way car SPMW 5554.


1936 Rexall Train  

Firstaid is at center with the Rexall Drugs sign attached to it. Power car Kantleek is to its left.

Images: Author's collection.


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1936 Rexall Train  
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