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Merci Train Boxcar

Lt. Col. (Ret) Manuel A. Conley, USA published his research on the Merci Train boxcars in the January 1983 edition of The Retired Officer Magazine.

In this excerpt from his article Whatever Happened To Those Forty And Eights? he relates the story of the Nebraska car:

As for the Forty and Eights themselves, little difficulty was encountered in finding suitable homes. Most were entrusted to veterans organizations; some were placed in museums; some incorporated into memorials; others given to fairgrounds and city parks.

Nebraska's car wasn't so lucky. Shunted from place to place, it went first to the State Historical Society, then to the Nebraska Forty and Eight organization, and finally to the fairgrounds. In 1951, an attempt was made to return it to the Historical Society, but they didn't want it. So for $45 it was sold to an Omaha junkyard, its wheels and metal parts pounded into scrap and its body converted into a storage shed. Its humiliation finally ended in 1961, when the yard was relocated and the car demolished.

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