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Merci Train Boxcar

The Illinois car is presumed scrapped.

It may have been abandoned and demolished at the site of the 1948-49 Chicago Railroad Fair when the lakeside site was cleared for the construction of the McCormick Place convention center in the late 1950s. If you have any more information or photos, please email.

The photo at right was taken at the fair by Ms. Anna Fox of Fitchburg, WI, who passed away in 2008 at the age of 104. She used a Leica camera she bought from a soldier who had liberated it in WWII.

Image courtesy of Rich Eggleston.

1949 Merci Train Boxcar Illinois  

The photo at rightwas obtained by ailroad photographer Robert Grant along with a collection of Chicago Railroad Fair photos. Interesting that the car shows missing plaques and is resting on standard gauge rails (the boxcar's original track gauge was wider).

Image: Robert Grant collection 2014

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1949 Merci Train Boxcar Illinois  
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