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by Doug Riddell

Published in 2016 by Doug Riddell with the underwriting of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Historical Society, auto-train is the definitive work on the auto-train Corp. story to date.

At 218 pages, the book is filled with tales of the auto-train, from its first days to its last -- all lavishly illustrated with hundreds of color photos.

Adding to the stories and photos of author Doug Riddell (himself an auto-train engineer) are, among many others, Craig Harrison, Bill Sheild, Wayne Morton, Temple Blunt, Dickie Lane, Jim Musgrove, Joseph Oates, William E. Howes, Robert A. LaMay, Stan Jackowski, Marcus Nutt, Steve Gould, Robert Lyon, Barry Mehlman, Walt Smith, Marcia Wright, Phil Love, Tara Marcel Scott, Brenda Sager Dameron, Pamela Swain Cruit, Janet Price-Goldstein, Genie Harriss, Katie Bradford and auto-train superfan Todd Brown.

Image: front cover


Auto-Train Corporation  


The hardcover book is available directly from the RF&P Railroad Historical Society through their Company Store.



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Auto-Train Corporation  
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