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Road-switcher locomotive #4012 was a U36B built by GE in May 1974, (builder's number 39846) to specifications of the SCL, auto-train's major "host" railroad.

This third and final batch of U36Bs sported a slightly different rock-resistant pilot.

Auto-Train Corporation GE U36B 4012


Shown here, 4012 heads a promotional train at Ft. Lauderdale, FL November 1974.

Locomotive 4012 may have been regeared for use as a yard switcher later in its auto-train career.

Auto-Train Corporation GE U36B 4012  
  Like the other auto-train locomotives, 4012 was eventually scrapped. After its time on the auto-train, the locomotive went into storage at Oelwein, Iowa where it sat awating a buyer that never came. The locomotive was cut up on-site in 1984-85. Auto-Train Corporation GE U-36B 4012  

Note the red and white lenses on the nose are reversed from previous batches.

The new pilot on the bottom front of 4012 (along with 4010 & 4011) was an improvement over the last three batches of U36Bs. The sturdy new design even provided protection for the ends of unused connecting cables/lines.


Images: Mary Jayne and John Z. Rowe. November 1974

Auto-Train Corporation GE U36B 4012  

Seen here on a promotional tour in Florida.

Image: Carl W. Schmidt, courtesy of his son Tom Schmidt


A couple years later...

Image: Stan Jackowski

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Auto-Train Corporation GE U36B 4012  
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