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Dome Coach

Built by PS in 1958 for the City of St. Louis train. Ex Union Pacific 7012.

On AT, the car was configured with 36 seats on the lower level and 20 seats in the dome.

To AT 708 in 1973. To James E. Strates Shows in 1981. To Kasten Rail Car in 1984. To Hartwell Lowe Corp, Yucca Valley, CA, as HLCX 1898 MARION MATTISON. To Northern Rail Car in 1988 and converted to Dome Diner; in service as Scenic Rail Dining 7011 MOUNTAIN VIEW (800558) in 1988-1989. To Transcisco Tours in October 1990 for "Sierra 49er" service as EMERALD BAY (800558). Returned to Northern Rail Car in August 1991. Leased to Kalamazoo Lake Shore & Chicago in August 1991 for Michigan Wine Country Dinner Train service. Returned to Northern Rail Car and sold to Union Pacific in May 1993, becoming UPP 7011 MISSOURI RIVER EAGLE.

(Yes, UP 7012 had become UPP 7011 over the course of 35 years -- and via considerable confusion.) Thanks to Philip Dohmen for clearing up the history of this car!

Image: Dave Seidel at Lorton Oct 27, 1977

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Auto-Train Dome Coach

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